Stop joking! I want:

Custom made events

From parties and concerts to the Biathlon World Cup,
at our events people park comfortably and have good fun,
while you kick back, relax and enjoy seeing a party managed without fuss.

The best events are organised by us, because we...

1. Choose the right place: We choose the best location depending on the event type and the number of people. We create a map or a visualization. This will allow you to have enough parking spaces, clear driveways, and give you more reasons for a toast.

2. Plan the tiniest details: Everything, from logistics to cleaning, is planned in advance to the least detail, no matter how minute they may be. When you arrive at your event, everything is running smoothly. We stick to the assembly and disassembly plan as we have all the equipment we need on hand.

3. Stick to the moving plan: We bring everything we could possibly need to the event. If there’s too much equipment, we put up a temporary store − we know how spacious our tents are and we can build them in a few minutes. Then we go on driving everything from the main store until everything is in place on time.

4. Our production guys are already in place: They manage and oversee the assembly, take care of supplies from other contractors and coordinate the staff. They are the captains on the bridge, informing the guests about the important things, such as the arrival of the hostesses.

5. When the event’s over, we do the analysis: Was it a success − or not? When the guests start waking up with a slight headache, we have already done the leg work and made it all into an  Excel sheet to plan for improvements the next time round. When is the next time round? The same place? Should we expand the program? Will the magician come next time?

We’ll direct your event like an Oscar ceremony

Send us your request via email: obchod‌‌M‌‌ and we will be in touch.