Stop joking! I want:

Furniture and equipment

We can deliver furniture for a wedding with 100 guests,
fencing for an orienteering race with 2000 runners
or complete solution for a world championship.

Furniture of all kinds

✓ Wide selection − both indoor and outdoor events.

✓ Covers, tablecloths and place mats − snow-white for weddings and printed for corporate events.

✓ Chairs, loungers, bags and cubes − create your chillout zone at a concert or ski slope − in your colours, using printed seating.

✓ Easy transportation – carts and special cover bags go with furniture.

Equipment for outdoor events

✓  Fencing − everyone stays where they should be.

✓  Navigation systems − everyone knows where they are going.

✓  Equipment for sporting events − information systems, leaderboards and winner's podiums.

✓  Electric power generators, heating, lighting − we'll see to it that everything runs smoothly.

✓  Changing rooms, quiet rooms, ticket offices − maximum comfort for the visitors and the staff.

✓  Ashtrays, bins, containers − because cleanliness is next to goodliness.


✓  Portable toilets

✓  Showers

✓  Washrooms

✓  Water containers


The best furniture and accessories come from us

Because we do:

1. Consultancy: Need simple catering furniture or VIP design pieces? We always recommend furniture that suits the needs of the event and the guests. We also recommend the best layout, heating and decoration so that everything looks and works great. We'll even estimate the electricity consumption for you.

2. Propose: Furniture, lights and bins − and toilets − must be positioned strategically. That's what our 3D visualisation is for − we do it before outdoor concerts as well as minute parties. We take care of every detail, such as the right fencing and the installation of wiring the guests don't trip over. And finally, we plan timely transport to the location.

3. Rentals: Need a reading desk for a corporate event or 350 chairs for a wedding? No need to buy! We'll rent out all the equipment and deliver it to you. We'll be glad to arrange a regular collaboration – more likely corporate parties than weddings.

4. Sales: If you want to have our furniture for keeps, come to see our showroom, we'll work out the best solution together. Simply call us. When you buy our furniture, we'll explain the maintenance so that it lasts as long as possible. Moreover, you can store everything with us, in winter for instance.

5. Maintenance: Our experienced service guys are at every branch. Need to have something fixed? Simply drop in. If you store your furniture with us, we'll do the maintenance. We have more spare parts than furniture.