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Inflatables and tents

We inflate anything you need.
We offer both air-sealed and ventilator inflatable tents and inflatables.
They are not to be overlooked – they look great!


We deliver two types of inflatables: air-sealed pneumatic tents and so-called ventilator inflatables and tents that are continuously filled with air.


Ventilator inflatables

✓ Large selection of designs – tents and gateways of different sizes as well as an advertising in the shape of a panda. Pick whatever you need.

✓ Affordable solutions – our simply shaped inflatables won't ruin your budget.

✓ Withstands minor damage – It’s no big deal if the tent suffers a small puncture. Thanks to the ventilator output, the inflatable keeps its shape.

Pneumatic inflatables

✓ No need for an electrical supply – Once inflated, it stays that way. Your advertising can be placed anywhere. On a mountain, on a ski slope, in the woods or in a quarry.

✓ Simple design – The internal air-sealed tube is inflated and keeps the whole construction compact.

✓ Easy to transport – Need advertising on the other side of the resort? You quickly pack it away and move, it’s really that easy.


High-quality sheathing – The material is resistant to damage and easy to clean when the event is over.

Long-lasting printing of your choice – Your tent or advertising totem won't be overlooked even years later because we use a high-quality sublimation technology. We can print the whole tent or just removable banners.


We know from experience that inflatables look great when lit up, which is why we offer a wide range of interior and exterior lighting. If you need to put up a ventilator tent somewhere without an electrical supply, we have power generators ready. Now you can place these tents anywhere. Using the voltage converter in your car you can inflate the tent in next to no time.


The best inflatables come from us

Because we do:

1. Consultancy: Need an interesting tent for a festival, an inflatable arch for a cycling race or an advertisng tube for a ski slope? We'll recommend types that will work for your event. We can produce virtually any size and shape of ventilator inflatable. And if there's not a single electric socket around, use our air-sealed tents that, once inflated, hold shape for many days.

2. Propose: Inflatables are one of the most effective advertising mediums. We see it ourselves every day at events – from Scandinavia to Sicily. We'll design a 3D model of your inflatable, recommend the optimal printing technology, and you can come and pick the material at one of our branches. They look great when you add lighting. Give us a call and we can discuss it straight away.

3. Rentals: Frequently used types of inflatables, such as tents, arches and totems are in our rental office. They have velcro strips with which you can simply and quickly attach your banners.

4. Sales: Want your own inflatable? Try to take some of our tents to your event, try different types and once you are clear on which is your favourite inflatable, it's a deal. We produce inflatables in three places and have even more branches where you can pick them up, some of our branches have even more, so everything will go like clockwork.

5. Maintenance: It happens once in a decade, but sometimes there’s a ventilator breakdown or a puncture in a tent. Whatever the situation, our service team is always ready. We have a pile of spare parts and we aim to get them to you in super-quick time. We repair all tent brands, not just our own. Thanks to our repair kit you can fix small punctures yourself.

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