Stop joking! I want:

About us


We’re always looking for ways to innovate and develop. That goes for all our products, our equipment, our tents, our services and your events. It’s all in our name – SUNINVENT.


We get behind all kinds of events. Be it weddings or corporate events. The key is getting the right people. We meet our deadlines like the biathlonists hit their targets. Head on.


When organising an event, we give it our all. We’ve sacrificed Sunday lunches, holidays, girlfriends, wives and ice-hockey finals. When we’ve a job to do, we get it done.


No matter the situation we know what to do. Don’t have the right size tent? No problem. We’ll inflate it for you. Haven’t found the tent you want? We’ll make it.

We’re not afraid of work!
But we have fun while we’re at it...


Making tents has got us into some interesting situations. A rally in Portugal in 40-degree heat. Putting up ice statues at sub-zero temperatures in Pustevny. Delivering a hovercraft to the other side of the country overnight? For us, it’s just another way of passing the time in-between weddings and music festivals.


Events are fun

Everyone in the company – from our graphic designers to our drivers – have tried to make and build a tent. It’s what we love to do. We treat each gig like it’s our own birthday party. We know you’re going to love what we do.


We see clients as part of our family

We want to share the good vibes. When you place an order for your tent we’re going to listen. Easy-going and flexible. Like an over-the-fence chat with you’re neighbour. The way it should be!


We want to do our best for you
“How much is it going to cost? When can you deliver?” They’re usually the first questions we hear. That’s all well and good. But what we want to know is: “What kind of event is it and how many people are coming?” That’s the only way to be on the level with our clients so we get to organise a great event.