Stop joking! I want:

Giant tents and halls

Roofing for lots of people, goods on palettes or a train.
They are resistant and modular – using modules, our large tents
can easily adjust to fit the overall area and dimensions required.


We offer the following two types:

Giant tents and textile halls – a permanent solution

Need a warehouse or a small production hall and don’t want to spend too much time or money? We have a simple solution. A textile hall you can put up in a couple of hours. Any size you need, with a gable roof and durable sheathing.
✓ Choose dimension – from 4 to 30 metres.

✓ You can make it larger or smaller any time – Thanks to their modular design, our giant tents are as adjustable as Lego.  

✓ It’s heavy duty – the bearing construction made of a special groove aluminium alloy and steel connecting pieces are as firm as a rock.  

✓ Lasts for at least 30 years – given good care, the anodised aluminium profiles and galvanised steel construction lasts over thirty years.

No posts are getting in you way – this construction type needs no extra support , which enables you to use the entire space. It’s up to you whether you use your tent for dancing or storing cement.


Pagodas, cottages and pavilons – temporary solutions

These tents are made of the same high-quality materials. Aluminium profiles with smaller diameters with profile grooves and steel connecting pieces enable the construction of various shapes of party tents, whether they are square, rectangular or hexagonal. You’ll surely find something you like.  


✓  Durable PVC material – It’s called truck tarp and it’s the most durable material for your hall; it is wind and rain resistant while letting in enough light. The printing endures several winters. Winter is coming? That won’t stop you. You can choose from many colours and weights.

✓  Each module is sheathed separately – Thanks to the keder groove system, each module can have side walls with or without windows and doors, depending on the ventilation needed.

✓  Truck tarp lasts for at least 10 years – And in case it doesn’t, you can simply replace just the damaged part.  



Whether you use your giant tent as a warehouse or a beer tent, you need entrances, windows and ventilation, which we’ll take care of. We can also fit a proper floor or a stylish carpet, so that you don’t walk in mud. Thanks to lighting and heating you’ll stay warm. We can decorate this type of tent according to your requirements.

The best giant tents and halls come from us

Because we do:

1. Consultancy: Giant tents can be put up for an one-off event or used all year round. We’ll tell you how to use modules, anchor the tents and prepare the roof for snow cover. If you are going to use the giant tent as a production hall, we’ll give you a tip for the dealing with the authorities.

2. Propose: We’ll recommend the most suitable dimension and location based on the planned use. We’ll prepare 3D visualisations. We’ll design financing that complements your cash flow, and you can leave the construction to us as well. We’ve done it all.   

3. Rentals: Need a tent for a wedding or for storing your material in winter? You choose the rental period and we equip the tent depending on its purpose. And if you need it, we’ll make tailored sheathing and rent just the construction.

4. Sales: Loved our giant tent and want it for keeps? It’s yours. And if you haven’t tried a large tent, come and have a look. If your deadline is fast approaching, we’ll rent out a tent to you in no time before your custom tent is made. And when you don’t need it anymore, we’ll help you sell it.

5. Maintenance: If anything goes wrong, our maintenance guys with a pile of spare parts are ready at all the branches. We don’t mind repairing other tent brands and we aim to get all spare parts to you in super-quick time.

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