Stop joking! I want:

Other roofing

Let’s put our heads together
and design really an unusual tent.


✓ We can produce really anything − We have our own designers, graphic designers and many different suppliers. Your imagination is the only limit, but even that can be expanded.

✓ Our tents always stay standing − When designing the shape you don’t need to keep your feet on the ground. The steel, aluminium and stainless steel constructions withstand any weather. Everything can be mixed and matched. We are not put off by wood, plastic or sandwich materials.

✓ You can have an eco-tent − We support environmentally-friendly recyclable materials.

The tents are safe, of course – Whatever shape we design together, it must pass our quality control. Technical documentation as a matter of course.


✓ It can be made of textile − We’ll sheath your tent with the highest quality canvas. We offer different canvas weights, and partial or full printing. No leakage – we check all seams and joints during production.

✓ It can be made of solid materials − Sheet, plastic or wood can be used for roofs and side walls – depending on the type and location of your event.

✓ We’ll deliver a tent in your colours – We can print or paint anything. You don’t need to hold back when planning your graphic design.


Original tents deserve original party furniture, flooring and decorations – we design and produce everything to fit your tent perfectly.

Portable heating and spectacular lighting can also be part of your tent. When the event is over, you’ll pack your tent and accessories in a transport cover.


The best unusual tents come from us

Because we do:

1. Consultancy: A party tent for 100 people with a bar in the middle or a stall for the presentation of your products that attract attention simply thanks to its shape. You have ideas, we have design engineers – let us work together to create a perfect tent everybody will be excited to visit.

2. Propose: Pyramids, double-deckers or in the shape of a tiger; there are no limits to your fantasy – just add our expertise. We’ll present you with a 3D model, recommend the correct installation, anchoring and transport. Already getting ideas? Call us.

3. Rentals: Need more space to design the best tent for you? Rent a standard one in the meantime. You’ll surely find a suitable temporary solution in our rentals section.

4. Sales: If you are clear on what you need, there’s nothing standing in our way to produce your dream tent. Call our sales and let’s roll.

5. Maintenance: Our tent constructions last forever. But if something gets torn, you need to change the print or make your tent even better, our service guys are ready at all our branches, armed with a pile of spare parts. We repair tents from all brands, not just our own.