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Scissor tents

Easy-to-install roofing.
All you need is 2 people and a couple of minutes.
This kind of tent fits the tiniest car.


Quick to put up, quick to put away – all you need is 2 people and a couple of minutes

Easy to transport and carry – no SUV or heavy-lifting required

Long-lasting and durable – high-quality steel or aluminium profiles

Taut and stretched – all our pop-ups are intuitively designed


Polyester sheath with polyurethane coating – resistant to rain, UV radiation and mildew.

Fire-retardant surface to prevent the spread of flames – your safety is our number one priority.

Felled double-needle stitches – the beer might be flowing, but our tents won’t let in a single drop.


We provide anchoring or loads depending on whether your tent needs to be mounted on grass or concrete. Choose from our wide range of furniture and make sure your guests aren’t standing around for the whole event! For those nippy days and long nights, we offer a variety of heating and lighting solutions. And if you want all your guests to know who’s hosting your event, we can supply you with flag holders and banners.

The best scissor tents come from us

Because we do:

1. Consultancy: We have an extensive range of tents in various sizes and specifications. Organising an open-air wedding? Looking to set up a stall to sell your products at a farmer’s market? We’ll recommend the best tent for you. We also design customised tents from scratch if you’re looking for something extra special. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to assist. Also, if more guests arrive unexpectedly, just call us and we’ll be on hand to set up a tent with exactly the same dimensions.

2. Propose: A tent also provides an ideal opportunity for advertising. We supply printed canvases, custom-designed removable banners and accessories of your choice to promote your event. Not sure what would work best? Talk to us and we’ll find out what does. You can also pop in to one of our branches and we’ll show you our nifty 3D-visualisation of your very own tent!

3. Rentals: Whether it’s a tent for a one-off event or you just want to try one out, we also do rentals. Browse our rentals page below.

4. Sales: If you want one of our pop-up tents for keeps, it’s yours! Just select your tent here[MF1] , pick it up from one of our branches and you’ll be on your way. We can also design a customised tent for you. If you’re deadline is fast approaching, we'll rent out a tent to you in no time.

5. Maintenance: If anything goes wrong, the maintenance guys at all of our branches are on hand with a pile of spare parts. We repair all tent brands, not just our own. We aim to get all spare parts to you in super-quick time.

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