Stop joking! I want:

Stage and technology

From an open mic karaoke night to a stadium rock concert.
We provide great sound, stunning lights and a visual show.
When does your event start?

Stages and roofing

Dimensions and types − You have many different options.

Durable construction − our stages, catwalks and grandstands withstand anything − even a herd of circus elephants stomping on it.

Assembly and manipulation − our trained team will do the assembly work, you won’t need to get your hands dirty.

3D visualization − You’ll know exactly what your stage is going to look like, and you can plan the beer stalls and banners.

Certifications and accreditation − we’ll gladly provide a safety certificate for our stages to provide you with peace of mind.

Sound and lighting

A couple of loudspeakers and a front-of-house for the sound engineer − We provide sound solutions for the newlyweds’ first dance as well as for metal concerts for 30,000 people. Warning: the sound quality could make you cry. With joy, of course, only happy tears!

We bring sound everywhere − From a remote cottage to a concert at an airport. We know what sound design is about.

Subtle or extravagant lighting − Whether you’re organising a small corporate event or a party on a boat – a quality light show always does the trick!

LED walls + AV technology

Music both inside and outside − Our LED walls bring both large outdoor stages and indoor corporate events to life.

Permanent LED screens − Need a permanent projection on a LED panel, at your reception, perhaps? We’ll arrange the installation, including the bearing construction.

Video and graphic design – Want to attract attention, but video editing is not exactly your hobby? We create professional material that is sure to catch the right eye.

Television broadcasting – Preparing for a live TV transmission? We can take care of the camera work and direction of your live broadcasting.

The best sound and technology come from us

 Because we do:

1. Consultancy: The stage faces in the right direction, the lights match the music and the sound is so good that you hear the music even when queuing for beer. Our experts have staged so many events that whatever they advise you what works, keeping inside your budget. The more events, the better the service. Drop in for a consultation!

2. Propose: Need a stage, a catwalk or a dance floor? We’ll design it for you. You’ll get a visualisation of your stage plus sound and light design. All these terms don’t ring a bell? Don’t worry, everything will fit together. When we’ve designed it, we’ll start planning the construction and transport. From a ball for fifty people to a concert for large crowds − we can all make it together.

3. Rentals: Lights, sound systems and LED panels can only be rented. Organising a big event? Let’s plan the logistics together. Want an unforgettable wedding? Let’s talk it through at our branch where you can test the technology. We are ready to deliver it straight away to wherever you need. Our technology comes with a technician who will fit your venue quickly and professionally. When your event’s finished, please return everything, including the expert.

4. Sales: When you know exactly what you want, there’s nothing simpler than buying it. We will be glad to help you choose suitable stage technology, LED panels, AV equipment, and lights. We use these things on a daily basis and know what works as well as the best supplier. That comes with years of working in the industry.

5. Maintenance: Spilt-on mixing console, an LED panel damaged during transport, or a broken lighting cable? Unpleasant things that happen all the time. That’s why our service team are on hand on the spot when needed. If it turns out to be something more serious, we secure a repair in a certified service or directly with the manufacturer. Our warehouses are full of spare parts.

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