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Wooden stalls

Assemble in half an hour, last for months.
Your stall will be selling from a long way away!


We have our own production – We make tailored wooden stalls in the Highlands.

We use our own designs – We have developed a special construction of smaller stands, which makes them longer-lasting and more resilient.

✓ Little houses made of the highest-quality dried wood – We start with the trunk and finish with the final coating.

✓ Easy to assemble – a small stall can be put up by two people in half an hour without using tools.


Wood withstands even the hardest frost – We’ll treat it in a way that enables you to sell mulled wine or sausages all throughout the winter. Even in Russia!

Textile side walls and roof – Smaller stands are made of other materials as well. The canvas is treated allowing it to be resistant to rain, UV light and mildew.

✓ Tent in your colours – We can print on textiles and paint the wood. Your stall will be selling from a long way away!


No one would stop at a stall that is dark, so we'll provide lighting and heating, including the wiring. You choose the decoration and comfy flooring. PVC or carpeting? It’s up to you.

The best wooden stalls come from us

Because we do:

1. Consultancy: Festivals, Christmas markets and fairs – we’ll recommend the best type and size, depending on the style and duration of your event. We produce stalls and wooden houses in the Highlands, which is why you can choose everything, from the timber to the signs and decoration – each piece can be an original. We also recommend the correct transportation and explain the assembly. Simply call us.

2. Design: We’ll choose the shape, the right type of wood and surface treatment. It’s important not to forget the lighting and heating wiring. We’ll tell you what to do so that your stall is easily visible. Need a 3D visualisation? We’ll do it for you – you don’t want to buy a pig in a poke, do you?

3. Rentals: Need a small house or stall for just a few days? We’ll rent it out, including heating or furniture. You can try everything in our rental shop. Scroll down to find a contact for our rentals guy.

4. Sales: If you use wooden stalls regularly, we can sell you exactly the type you need. And if you don’t have anywhere to keep it in the winter, we have enough space in our warehouses – we can make a deal.

5. Maintenance: Need a lager counter, to treat the wood before the winter, or is something broken? Our service guys are ready to repair or improve your stall at all our branches. We repair tents of all brands, not just our own. We send spare parts immediately.

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